Two teenagers arrested after paying Bitcoin to watch a live murder on the dark web


Two 17-year-old Italians were arrested for paying Bitcoin (BTC) to watch children being raped, tortured and killed in live broadcasts.

The local media Il Messaggero reported on July 15 that the deep web site the two watched also allowed users to pay more to decide what torture the children would be subjected to next. The Italian police explained:

“Users who were able to reach such dark environments can participate in acts of sexual violence and torture against minors, carried out live by adults.

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Torture on Demand
The services offered by the website have different costs. Viewing a pre-recorded video costs much less than watching it live, but in both cases the viewing concludes with the death of the child. The article also provides another example, according to which “viewers may, for example, be asked to amputate a child’s arm or pour hot oil on the victim. The police said:

“Live requests really cost a lot of money and ensure particularly high profits for foreign organizations that carry out such inhumane acts.

The two were registered as part of an ongoing investigation that has so far involved 25 people, 19 minors and six over 18, residing in 13 Italian provinces. The operation has been dubbed “Delirium”, which means “delirium” in Italian, by the local police. It began in October and resulted in dozens of searches.

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The two arrested are a man and a woman who exchanged details relating to what they called a “red room”. The man often shared with the women somber details of the live broadcasts.

Media found include pedopornographic videos made by minors, videos of children as young as three years old being abused by adults, and videos showing violence often accompanied by Nazi symbolism.

It is unclear whether the website offering the services was shut down, but presumably only some of its viewers were captured. Local police have not responded to Cointelegraph’s investigation.

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The relationship between pedopornography and cryptomontages
The anonymity of crypto-currencies and the lack of government control over them make them suitable for criminals. Among these criminals, we can find political dissidents, whistleblowers and journalists, but also pedophiles, drug dealers and hackers.

There have been many worldwide reports of the use of Bitcoin Era and other cryptoactives specifically in the trafficking of child pornography. For example, at the end of June, Spanish law enforcement agencies eliminated a child pornography ring that used crypto-currency transactions to pay for content.