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Tuesday Events


14:20 - 15:10
*Afternoon Session 1

Stream 1: HFT: Curse or Blessing?       
Stream 2: Searching For Income—Using ETFs to Boost Yield

  15:10 - 16:00
*Afternoon Session 2

Stream 1: Tracking Error, Optimisation And Costs: Evaluating ETF Quality       
Stream 2: Strategy Indices & Smart Beta: Understanding Your Risks

  16:30 - 17:20
*Afternoon Session 3

Stream 1: The Liquidity Challenge: Corporate Bond ETFs       
Stream 2: Managing ETF Portfolios: Fund of Fund Managers Speak

  *Tuesday Evening Heineken Experience
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  • Luke Handt

    Luke Handt is a seasoned cryptocurrency investor and advisor with over 7 years of experience in the blockchain and digital asset space. His passion for crypto began while studying computer science and economics at Stanford University in the early 2010s.

    Since 2016, Luke has been an active cryptocurrency trader, strategically investing in major coins as well as up-and-coming altcoins. He is knowledgeable about advanced crypto trading strategies, market analysis, and the nuances of blockchain protocols.

    In addition to managing his own crypto portfolio, Luke shares his expertise with others as a crypto writer and analyst for leading finance publications. He enjoys educating retail traders about digital assets and is a sought-after voice at fintech conferences worldwide.

    When he's not glued to price charts or researching promising new projects, Luke enjoys surfing, travel, and fine wine. He currently resides in Newport Beach, California where he continues to follow crypto markets closely and connect with other industry leaders.