Hackers Steal $751K in Crypto from Azuki NFT Project

• Azuki, a top non-fungible token project, had its Twitter account compromised resulting in the loss of over $750,000 worth of crypto assets.
• Hackers posted a wallet drainer link disguised as an invitation for users to participate in a virtual land mint in The Garden, Azuki’s native metaverse platform.
• Following the hack, Azuki was able to reclaim control of its Twitter account and an investigation is underway.

On Friday, the crypto community was rocked by news of a major security breach involving one of the leading non-fungible token (NFT) projects, Azuki. After taking over the project’s Twitter account, hackers posted a malicious link pretending to be an invitation for users to take part in a virtual land mint in The Garden, Azuki’s native metaverse platform.

The link was actually a wallet drainer, which is a type of phishing mechanism designed to trick unsuspecting victims into approving transactions that transfer crypto assets from their wallets to those of the hackers. According to data from Etherscan, the malicious link managed to steal $751,321 worth of USDC from a single wallet within 30 minutes, making it the biggest haul of the heist. Hackers also managed to make away with over 3.9 ETH, 11 NFTs, and $6,742.62 in USDC from other crypto wallets.

Emily Rose, Azuki’s community manager, was the first to confirm the project’s Twitter profile had been hacked. Through a tweet, she warned users not to click on any link posted by the account. In the hours following the cyber attack, the project was able to regain control of its Twitter account and all the malicious tweets were taken down.

The management team of the anime-based NFT project has also released a statement saying an investigation is already underway while they advise their followers to check that any future announcements are posted simultaneously on Azuki’s several media channels in order to ascertain their validity. The team has also reminded users to be very careful when interacting with any links on social media, in order to prevent any further losses.