Dragons’ Den

Dragon’s Den is a popular British television series produced by Sony Pictures Television and broadcast in the United Kingdom. Each entrepreneur has three minutes to present their investment ideas to five multimillionaires as part of the program’s framework. According to reports, a Bitcoin episode of Dragons Den aired, in which the dragons invested in trading software.

Some gossip sites have recently hijacked the name of a popular TV show to suggest that automatic trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Revolution have been endorsed.

These are, however, simply sites that fabricate news to advertise their portals and improve their search engine rankings. But let us take a deep look at the prevailing situation.

We did some digging and discovered no proof that bitcoin auto trading robots were presented during the Dragons Den Bitcoin episode. These rumors, however, must not harm the reputation of these robots, which we will examine briefly in this piece but which you can learn more about in our reviews.

Top 3 Bitcoin Robots on Dragons’ Den

1. BitQT

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2. Bitcoin Era

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3. Bitcoin Evolution

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Is it fake news or truth when it comes to Dragon’s Den and Bitcoin?

Many speculations circulated online, linking the name of Dragon’s Den to the development of cryptocurrency trading robots. According to one story, two buddies submitted their proposal for creating a new robot for automated bitcoin trading during the program. However, when we looked into the authenticity of these stories, we discovered no proof to back them up. At this time, we have no other choice but to accept that these rumors are entirely false.

While automatic trading robots were never featured on Dragon’s Den, we discovered that some are effective and safe to employ throughout our tests. Our in-depth reviews can help you better understand this speech. Alternatively, continue reading to learn more about this complex black marketing scenario.

Trader of Bitcoins

Bitcoin Trader is a piece of software released in 2017 and was created by a man named Steve Mckay. To be fair, it was one of the first robots for this purpose to be released on the market, and according to its website, it is also one that earns the most outstanding daily earnings.

To autonomously trade cryptocurrency, the software relies on powerful mathematical algorithms. This means that it is not essential to have any prior knowledge in the field of trading or finance in general to use it.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Trader has an excellent online reputation, indicating that it is a safe and dependable platform since thousands of online users utilize it daily to make significant profits.

What is the truth behind the Bitcoin Trader and Dragons’ Den?

In truth, no evidence exists that Bitcoin Trader was advertised on the popular British show. As a result, we can categorically state that it is just false information.

As previously said, these gossip sites leverage the excellent name of the TV show and highly sought-after online keywords to drive traffic to their websites.

What is Bitcoin Trader, and how does it work?

It is really simple to register and begin using this software. According to the website, it takes less than 5 minutes, and you can earn up to $13,000 every day!

  • Go to the Bitcoin Trader website (link at the bottom of page) and fill out the form to register with your basic personal information and a valid email address.
  • You will be led to the platform management panel at this point, where you may make changes to the settings and connect to the regulated broker with whom it has partnered. Beginners should stick to the default settings.
  • The only task left now is to fill your account. A minimum deposit of $ 250 is required by all brokers with whom the platform works. It’s not about the software license charge; it’s about the amount of money you’ll put into cryptocurrency trading.
  • Finally, you have to activate the live mode, sit back, and relax while the software takes care of the rest.


All of the robots related to the name of the TV show Dragon’s Den and presented in this article are trustworthy. You can try them for free, and let us know what you think in the comments section. Always keep in mind that bitcoin trading entails some level of risk. Trade with caution!

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