Crypto Profit – Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

Crypto robots enjoy great popularity. They make it easier for beginners to start trading in bitcoin, among other things, and mean the smallest possible risk with the greatest possible prospects of success.

Crypto Profit is one of the most renowned apps of its kind and also enjoys the trust of experienced and prospective investors in German-speaking countries.

The fact that there have repeatedly been rather dubious advertisements to complain about in the past could put off one or two interested parties.

After all, it does not seem very credible that even celebrities like Dieter Bohlen, Lena Meyer-Landrut or Oliver Welke are quite fond of the contemporary crypto software when they have confirmed the exact opposite via their social media channels.

And is it even true that Carsten Maschmeyer also sang its praises on his TV show? We put the questions to the test.

Crypto Profit - Was the software on Dragons´ Den?


Was Crypto Profit recommended in “Dragons´Den”?

The suspicion is obvious. Star investor Carsten Maschmeyer is always on the lookout for resourceful developers and creative ideas. If he likes them, he personally invests in the company that appears on his hit show.

It would fit very well into the concept of the show if software developers like Crypto Profit had sought financial support and media interest in recent years. However, we can currently state with certainty that there has been no such appearance.

Cryptocurrencies have simply not been covered in previous seasons.

Could this circumstance change? Certainly. Because who knows in which direction Carsten Maschmeyer and “Dragons´Den” will develop in the future. Perhaps the investor will soon only rely on modern financial means that declare war on traditional value investments.

So far, reports of this kind are at most a crypto profit fake. However, we would like to point out at this point that we have not seen any unfair advertising with the app.

But we have seen it with many a competitor that has long since been dismantled as a black sheep. This is not to be expected with Crypto Profit.

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Which celebrities invest in Crypto Profit?

This is an impossible question for us to answer. Celebrities are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities. After all, they are also aware that well-invested money can be multiplied with very little risk.

So could some well-known investors have invested in Crypto Profit? We have no doubt about that. However, it is impossible that they have deliberately advertised the software. There is no evidence of an advertising deal between the crypto robot and celebrities known in German-speaking countries.

As is the case everywhere on the net, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you come across advertisements or claims that sound too implausible, the reason is usually obvious: they are fakes.

And unfortunately, competing companies have resorted to such measures again and again in the past. However, Crypto Profit is a reputable crypto project run by experts that is fully legal and licensed.

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