Bitcoin Union – Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

The Bitcoin Union is not a country or nation, but a virtual trading platform with bots on a broker as a financial service provider.

They make it easy for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies and the maximum profit and return is over 90%. This is quite a success, although everything works automatically.

Registration is free and for this you need your first and last name, mail address and phone number. When clicking on the Ok, the user is forwarded to a broker who is not free to choose.


Bitcoin Union - Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

A prerequisite for the use of Bitcoin Union is an own occupation with the topic of cryptocurrencies in order to understand the trading system (for example through videos on YouTube or other websites).

This is elementary so that no problems or unintentional losses occur due to the speed of these systems. Artificial intelligence is much faster than the human head, which does not necessarily react quickly to rapidly changing situations, unlike artificial intelligence.

This is another advantage of the trading bots, which, as “news spies”, collect the latest data and facts from the overall economic situation and forward them to the brokers, who display them graphically and in real time.

Through individual parameters, it is possible to control the trading bots (to a limited extent) manually and not lose complete control over the system and the possible losses.

It is recommended to regularly distribute the profits that arise from the automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. These profits must also be taxed, so that the decentralised system of cryptocurrencies is not detached from a real and legal sphere.

Profits may increase rapidly and without control. This has further implications. In terms of responsible trading, this is an interesting reading and it is recommended to invest only a little money at first in order not to lose so much money.

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The minimum amount is 250 euros. This should not be exceeded at the beginning, but it is necessary for the system to work.

In addition, you have to verify yourself with your passport and proof of residence. This speaks for the seriousness of the programmes. When there is no longer a need to make profits or losses, the amounts can be withdrawn to get out of the system again.

Therefore, the operation of these programmes is up to one’s own actions. If something goes wrong, it’s not necessarily the programme’s fault, but it’s also not necessarily the individual’s fault if they haven’t gained enough experience with cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is important to inform oneself thoroughly beforehand and to learn before starting to practice and trade on the different platforms. The websites always point out responsible trading, that cryptocurrencies are subject to a high risk of loss and that trading is based on one’s own responsibility.

This is also the case with online casinos, for example, to which there are some similarities (stakes and risk).

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