Bitcoin Hero – Costs and fees

Bitcoin Hero is an automated trading software. This trading software places corresponding “trades” with the help of algorithms from the crypto-currency market. The basis for this is an innovative as well as intelligent algorithm.

With this, the current development of the crypto-currency market and the current trends and news available there are scanned daily in order to then make the decisions for the placement of the trade.

The algorithms there also use charts, data and patterns as well as graphs from the web to then get more data for the decisions on how to place the trades.

How can you profit from Bitcoin Hero?

Step 1: Click on the link to go to the official website of Bitcoin Hero.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE licence to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to profit from bitcoin fast!

The settled trades are monitored by regulated brokers (intermediaries). In doing so, the trading software used here can make the decisions within a few seconds. If these decisions were made by humans, it would take days.


Bitcoin Hero - Costs and fees

Bitcoin Hero costs and fees, sign-up; deposit and withdrawal features; demo version, live trading and customer service.

At Bitcoin Hero, registration is free and there are no fees. If profits are then made on the trades, a small percentage of this is retained by the platform as commission to cover running costs.

As far as registration on the platform is concerned, there is a registration form on the website. There, only the basic information (surname, first name, email address) has to be entered.

After that, a personal account manager will contact the registered person and carry out the entire set-up process together with that person.

The minimum deposit amount at Bitcoin Hero is 250 euros. The usual deposit options (e.g. credit card) are also available here. All transactions take place online. Therefore, this platform also has an SSL certificate.

Thus, personal data is protected and cannot be used for fraudulent activities.

When live trading is finished, the profit is calculated and then the amount is credited to the user’s account after deducting the administrative costs.

Also available on Bitcoin Hero is a demo version. This function is free of charge and thus every newcomer can first try out the functions of the platform without depositing real money and is then prepared accordingly for live trading.

Once the newcomer has familiarised himself with the functions with the help of the demo version, he can then proceed directly to trading in live status. Here, this person then also receives the support of his selected partner broker for setting the parameters for successful trading.

The customer service can be reached by live chat as well as by e-mail. There you will find very competent employees who will then provide a competent answer to the questions raised within a few minutes, for example in the case of an e-mail enquiry.

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