Has This Morning Ever Featured Bitcoin?

It is a lot easier to believe a product, service, or possible investment opportunity when you watch or hear your favourite celebrity or TV star endorsing it?


It is much easier to believe in a product, service, or possible investment opportunity when you see or hear your favourite celebrity or TV legend support it, right?

According to various rumours circulated over the internet, many well-known television shows have promoted bitcoin as a legitimate cryptocurrency to invest in. Such news made us curious, and we decided to conduct our research to know the reality behind such claims.

Let us search who is telling the truth and whether or not the show supports Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.

What is This Morning, and How does it Work?

According to certain news, media, and social media reports, This Morning and it’s cast of hosts have backed Bitcoin in the show. As a result, the show has gained a considerable audience of around ten-million-strong audience. In addition, the show has established a name for itself in the history books after being on-aired for more than three decades, making it a strong target for potential scammers. This Morning is one of the most famous British afternoon television show that airs on ITV. Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Ruth Langsford, and Eamonn Holmes host the TV show.

From fashion, showbiz, and beauty to home, food, and gardening, This Morning focuses on a wide range of topics in its live shows. Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan first hosted the show in 1988, and it has been running since then. This Morning is now the longest-running daytime television show in the United Kingdom. Several times, the show has won the National Television Award and the TV Choice Award.

What Is Bitcoin Evolution and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin evolution, a trading technology software, was developed by a group of Bitcoin industry experts in 2017. According to the signals from crypto market trends, the trading technology system claims to execute transactions 0.01 seconds faster than its competitors. It is claimed that the application returns signals at a fraction of a second faster than most other trading systems.

Because of the success, tales of those who have used this trading methodology are gaining immense popularity.

When did This Morning Feature Bitcoin?

This Morning is a well-known British television program that has been on the air for just over three decades and has earned a devoted following that grows weekly. Over the years, This Morning has gained a solid reputation. Rumours have been spreading that This Morning has backed Bitcoin as a viable asset class and a profitable investment, which is somewhat not surprising. This Morning’s endorsement would imply that Bitcoin’s popularity and buy-in grew overnight. However, we could not locate any episode of the show in which Bitcoin or any of the Bitcoin technologies were promoted. Therefore, we can’t confirm whether or not This Morning has ever backed Bitcoin.

Had Bitcoin Been Featured on This Morning by Phillip Schofield?

Phillip Schofield Mention BitcoinPhillip Schofield is a well-known English TV broadcaster who co-hosts the ITV shows “This Morning” and “Dancing on Ice.” According to specific social media reports, Phillip Schofield has endorsed Bitcoin in one of This Morning episodes. However, we can attest now that all such claims are fake. Of course, there is a strong possibility that affiliate marketers have used Phillip Schofield’s and Bitcoin’s popularity in their ad campaigns.

According to these rumours, the Bitcoin Revolution Trading Technology is a legitimate and very profitable technique. However, before dismissing Bitcoin Revolution as a fraud, we recommend reading our in-depth Bitcoin Revolution review.

Have Holly Willoughby Announced Bitcoin Investment on This Morning?

Holly Willoughby Announces Bitcoin

Holly Willoughby is an English model, author, and TV personality, who features as co-host on “This Morning” and appears on “Dancing on Ice” and “Celebrity Juice.” According to various sources, Holly Willoughby has invested across multiple bitcoin systems. However, we can confirm the sensationalism of such news reports. Holly Willoughby has never expressed her interest in Bitcoin or Bitcoin-related system investment. Therefore, it is not surprising if the news sources have used Holly’s popular figure to spread such rumours. To create clickbait headlines, these news outlets blend distinct but viral keywords.

Why Do Fake Endorsements Appear in The Media?

It is no secret that fame attracts attention, and controversy often follows. News breakers, writers, and affiliate marketers pay the most attention to controversial stories. This could explain why there is a lot of media attention and rumours about This Morning, its hosts, and Bitcoin endorsements.

We dug a little deeper and discovered that most of these bogus news sites are owned by third-party advertisers, and Bitcoin or Bitcoin evolution has no connection with such rumours.

This Morning and Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit, a cryptocurrency trading software, leverages market trends and signals to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrency at the proper time. It has a 92 percent win rate. According to an interview that has been circulating the internet, Bitcoin Profit was featured on This Morning. However, we can confirm that Bitcoin Profit was never endorsed on This Morning, nor was it promoted by any of its hosts.

This Morning and Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a fully automated trading platform that uses intelligent algorithms to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets, resulting in huge profits for you. This automated trading software is widely regarded as one of the most reliable, fast, and accurate bitcoin trading platforms. This Morning’s association with Bitcoin Evolution has been rumoured in some papers. We can now affirm that these rumours are untrue, and there is no evidence that This Morning and Bitcoin Evolution have any association or endorsement.


There is a strong possibility that the outlets associated with spreading such news and rumours are doing it purposely. For example, affiliate marketers frequently use advertisements for prominent television reality shows. While the products and brokers they promote are not necessarily frauds, their practices lead people to believe they are scams. CFD trading platforms, for example, are frequently associated with frauds, much like the Forex sector, yet the Forex market is real and sustainable; however, it is only plagued by scammers who have badly affected the Forex reputation.

We have compiled various Bitcoin reviews, most of which have focused on analyzing Bitcoin trading systems. This includes how they operate, their benefits and drawbacks, and if they are legal or not. Before deciding whether or not it is a fraud, we urge that you go through these reviews.

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